Shadows on the walls

It takes two to tango, two to make and two to break. There is no in-between.  The last few weeks, months, years there has been some conflict within me, a battle I often did not fight silently and for someone, whose dealt with negativity before it never occurred to me until a few days ago what this negative shadow was doing to me and my life. We would dance often, taking the floor by storm as this shadow dragged me across the dancefloor throwing me from left to right, but a few days ago I realized our dance had to end. Something that was once amusing to witness had become intrusive, intrusive and damaging by choice, my choice.

shadow 2

Just like a book tells a story a lot can be said about the way someone treats you, how they look at you and very often it’s not difficult to put one and two together and understand that no matter how hard you try to perfect the dance sometimes it is just not going to work and will never work. The hardest thing to accept I think is that sometimes we want things to work, we go out of our way to try and make them work and before we realize trying has turned to obsessing and no one is worth that. No person should ever have a place in your life that they do not deserve or hold more power over you than what they worth. There comes a time when its needed to realise you will never get the acceptance, you will never get the thank you or appreciation and that sometimes you will be used and that’s okay because to the shadow it’s a dance, a game that’s played from day to day and so far that game has not been lost but from now this dance of two is a dance for one.

Moral of this story as its seen…support those who support you. Give to those that give to you and when that look comes, the one that says how much you are hated, put it behind you and look away.

Put those who seeks to belittle your worth, your place, your kindness behind you. Watch them in your rearview mirror as you drive away and let the party go on without you. Let the shadow dance across the walls till it burns out and the light starts to fade…know then that you are done.

As long as you have done your best and given your best, that’s all that counts.

But for now friend or foe, I am letting you go. So it was written, let it be so,

Till again we speak,








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