The unchosen path

It was a warm summers day, nature was alive and at its best this time of year. I was walking along my usual path that would lead me down the stream and towards the small waterfall by Oaks Bridge. I took this path daily cause it was the one I knew best and it was beautiful.


As I walked along my usual route a butterfly caught my attention. Never in my life have I  seen such artistry on one tiny living creature. Its wings were blended with shades of yellow and orange, almost like a sunset, and then coming together in a final burst of red at the tips of its wings. I was fascinated, it stirred something deep inside of me, it made me happy, joyful and excited. I was so intrigued by the butterfly that I followed it, watching as it went from flower to flower spreading its wings to reveal its beauty and then slowly closing them. It felt like I was watching a magic show, each time as it moved along the greenery it amazed me. I followed it for so long that I did not even realize that I had wandered off of my usual path.

The butterfly had taken me on a journey deeper into the surrounding woods that I did not know.

At first, I wanted to head back. I was not sure whether I should continue down the path it had led me or turn back and return to the familiar, the path I was used to and knew the best. I started looking around and noticed the trees, where before I just saw a tree I realized I have never really paid much attention to their beauty or their age. It was like my eyes had opened. The wild mushrooms that grew from their mossy exterior made me think of fairies and how they could be watching me right now, hiding behind their tiny little houses. I laughed at my silly thought and walked further into the forest admiring the beauty of the trees and flowers, some I had never seen before. My fears had left me and all was well. It was then that I heard it, the familiar sound of falling water. I knew this because during my walks I would encounter my own source of water each day, a small waterfall nestled within the hill, but this, this sounded much larger than that. The closer I got to the source the louder the noise became and soon I could hear the loud thunder of falling water and right there I knew I had to see it.

Soon the path began to lead upwards, at times I stumbled as the ground became loose under my feet, ground mixed with stones of different shapes and sizes. I didn’t care that the rocks hurt my bare feet or that my dress was getting dirty, nature had drawn me in today and I had to see what it had in store for its grand finale.

A while later, after many struggles to get up the steep cliff I reached the top and there it was. A giant waterfall almost a thousand times the size of the one I normally visit. The journey was definitely worth it, I could not believe that I lived so close to this wonder yet I have never seen its power, how it crashes in a dense mist at the bottom and how it flows down from there with such power. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I took in the beauty of my surroundings, I felt grateful for ending up where I did that day, and that I would visit the place again tomorrow and the day after that, until something else grabs my attention, begging me to change direction and embark on a new journey, a new adventure. I knew that my usual path, although forever treasured, would never be the same again.

©JR Robberts 2017



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