Get your “PO” on in April on JR Books

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So it is April and for us who dwell in the circles and depths of Poetry, it is a month often combined with one goal in mind…completing NaPoWriMo or otherwise known as the martial arts of poetry.

Yes, it has begun and all across the globe we celebrate a month dedicated to the art of poetry and during these thirty days of prompts, I hope you work that creative muscle if you are participating.

If you at this point still have no clue as to what NaPoWriMo is all about then I suggest you read up on it immediately and familiarize yourself with the concept because it is one that if practiced with great discipline can lead to big rewards mentally and spiritually.

I, unfortunately, won’t be participating this year as I have two big projects lined up and for the sake of staying mentally sane, I have decided not to take on any more creative projects at this stage. It is sad but I can only juggle so much before I start to lose my marbles.

If you are familiar with my blog however you may know all about my Poets pen feature, the one that comes around on Mondays, well as a tribute to something that has meant so much to me during my darkest and happiest days and hours, I am going to attempt to publish at least one poem three to four times a week just because it is Poetry Month and also because I feel the need to pay it forward.

Poetry is something special therefore only those special enough will understand the power that often lies in a simple sentence. It is a story but much more powerful, something I will touch on in the coming month…

To all of the brave souls attempting NaPoWriMo this year I wish you all the best and if you would do me the honor I would love to feature some of your work on my blog so please, please get in touch.

Just complete the contact form or who knows, I might be contacting you to beg! That’s what you want, right?

I might just have my eye on you,

Wink, wink



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