Must haves for reading…

If reading is your thing and you make a habit of fitting it into your busy schedule then this post is definitely for you.

Reading is fun and relaxing, just as watching your favorite TV show can have the same effect. The question I would like to throw out there is, how do you take something that is fun and relaxing, and add something that makes it, even more, fun. Is it possible to add that extra fun factor to something as simple as reading?

YES, YES, AND YES. Definitely!

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Don’t believe me? Why not try out some of these below and decide for yourself.

  1. Coffee or Tea: There is nothing like a winters day and snuggling up in bed with a good book and a hot beverage or several hot beverages during the course of the day. Although it might affect the bladder the worst worry is not getting any on your book or kindle when you hit an omg moment or burst out laughing.
  2. Something salty, something sweet: People always ask what is a movie without popcorn? Your reading time should be no different. Pack yourself a plate of snacks for the reading corner and as you read I promise after a while you won’t even notice your hand going for the plate until the snacks run out of course. Chocolate might not be the best idea here as you run the risk of finishing an entire slab so if you happen to be health conscious stick to the celery and pretzels.
  3. Wine: Red or white. There is nothing like coming home after work, kicking off your shoes and reading a good book. That doesn’t sound very appealing, let’s try the sentence again… There is nothing like coming home after work, kicking off your shoes and snuggling on the couch with a good book and a glass or bottle of wine.
  4. Something baked: If you can bake try and pair up the book you are reading with a tart or cake that will fit well alongside it. Whether it’s a single cupcake or a delicious black forest cake the choices here are endless. If baking is not your thing get something on the way home at your local store or bakery, it will work just as well. There could be no better reason to justify that second slice.
  5. Bubble Bath plus wine plus book plus candles: Talk about going all out. You have not experienced the joys of reading until you have allowed yourself this opportunity. All you need to make sure of is that you don’t fall asleep and secondly mind the electronics with the water. A sealed see-through bag is good for e-readers and offers a little protection from wet hands.

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There are possibly many others I have not mentioned but the point here is that reading doesn’t have to be something that is bland and boring. When done properly reading can be a real treat and serve as a way to reward yourself after a long day. It can also turn out to be a nice way to spend that cold winters day without the boredom.

If you have any other things you like to do while reading then please let me know, okay?

Chow for now,



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