JR Book Feature (W): Only If I Could by Award Winning Poet, JAnn Bowers

JAnn Bowers

 This past weekend I had the privilege to connect with writer and poet, JAnn Bowers. Like most things in life, our meeting was unplanned which made this feature all the more important and special to me. She welcomed me with her words and without a doubt I found myself wanting more.

It is seldom that you find someone who does not hide behind a mask, who is not afraid, to be open and honest in such a way that it inspires others to take a long hard look at themselves. My brief interaction with this amazing person gave me a lot to think about on a deep emotional level and in a nutshell when you read her work that is what you can expect to find. For most people it is considered important to connect with the content of a book on a personal level and what JAnn Bowers accomplishes with “Only If I could” is creating a solid platform for each person to identify and connect with the words and meaning behind the words. She touches on topics affecting each of us on a daily basis, topics like freedom and finding inner peace in a world that often spins out of control.

Interesting facts about JAnn:



 JAnn Bowers


-JAnn is a strong supporter and advocates in her spare time for Autism Awareness for her disabled son. She is a lover of the 80’s music scene and spends her time listening to random songs from her childhood while she writes. She is also a yogi. She finds comfort in meditating to release the anxiety and daily stressors. She is a major coffee drinker and she believes the power of her pen and paper should not be tampered with.

JAnn is a member of Double Decker Books where her books have been promoted successfully in the past by KayCee K. Wingfield.

-JAnn was voted poet of the year for 2015 & 2016 by Double Decker Books.

-JAnn has self-published several poetry books in her past that are now out of publications. Anyone who wishes to read her past work can contact her directly via Social Media.

-JAnn is an award-winning poet. She is also the owner of Echoic Blog & E-Magazine. She has written poetry for all ages.  Her poetry pertains mostly to love, spiritual, inspirational and life issues. She has experience in academic writing on all subjects which has earned her great respect among her colleagues and professors.

In preparation for my feature, I went ahead and asked JAnn Bowers a few more questions to gain some deeper insight into her inspirations and creative process, and obviously where “Only If I Could” found it’s, soul.

What was the inspiration behind this book of Poetry?

The idea behind my book, “Only If I Could,” stems from gaining emotional freedom through writing and meditation. My poems connect deeply from within me, each one was dug out and craved out of my soul. The poem, “Phases,” was written the day I reached my emotional freedom from my past and was able to let go and move on towards the future. The second most enduring poem I wrote for this book, was “Just Broken,” which was written during a dark episode of anxiety and depression I had this winter. I relapsed for about three months and just now regaining my emotional freedom back. I wrote this book in hopes to shed light that anyone can relapse and that through writing and meditation, magic can happen.

Does your poetry reflect your life in a way or is it made up of several experiences?

My poetry reflects a lot on my life and how I see the world. Each of my poems holds some type of connections to some part of my life and my experiences. When I write, I write from the heart, mind and soul. I seek within with meditation before I even start my writing sessions and whatever comes to me during my session of meditations is usually what falls from my fingertips.

What made you publish your first work of poetry and what would you say to others who might be too scared to do what you have done?

I published my first book to prove to myself that I could get my poetry out there for people to read and that my poetry was something special and something someone would want to read. I have published before about three years ago, but then my physical health declined and I wasn’t up to do the publishing world any longer due to anxiety and depression. That is where my book, “She’s Gone…Broken, Battered & Bruised,” comes from is the period I took off from the writing and took the time I needed to accept where I was at and find where I was going.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity means personal expression. For me to create, I fill the best and at the top when I self-express through my poetry, essays and style. Creativity is an essential in my everyday life. Self-expression is being true to the core and to be upfront and personal with my readers when I write. To create a poem, I must also create the poet.

What can we look forward to next?

My next book, which is to release here in the next few weeks, will be a memoir. I am not going to reveal too much about it except it’s not the usual type of memoir most writers publish. I am also working on another poetry book which will be out in May about being in touch with everything in life.

Apart from this book JAnn Bowers also has two other works of poetry available. If you would like your own copy of “Only If I Could” and her other works use the links below. All of her work is FREE for new readers and without going into much more detail, I will let the work speak for itself.

(All Books Are FREE to DOWNLOAD!!) Grab a copy today!
Illusions of LoveBook Page on Pronoun – https://books.pronoun.com/illusions-of-love/

She’s Gone…. Broken, Battered & Bruised
Book Page on Pronoun – https://books.pronoun.com/shes-gonebroken-battered-bruised/

Only If I Could:  Book Page on Pronoun – https://books.pronoun.com/only-if-i-could/


One thing for me is certain, it is not often you find someone whose work fits so nicely into the happenings of your own life. It is work that effortlessly draws you in and keeps you there. No matter what your situation you will find something within the pages that leaves you breathless and wanting more and maybe, just maybe a little wiser than before.

Get in touch with JAnn on the Social side:








Find out more about her Echoic Magazine, a platform for poets, writers, and readers alike. Submit your work get featured at no cost and gain valuable exposure.


Till next time peeps,


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