Tomorrow it will be too late…

I have often wondered how accurate and truthful some practices are out there. It all started long ago when I requested a reading out of interest sake from an online medium. At first, I thought wow could she be for real, could I be walking away with a $100 000 in ten days, and have exceptional windfalls and luck over the next six months? What sold it even more, was that she offered a no-nonsense money back guarantee so if I didn’t win the money I could simply ask for my $19.95 back, no questions asked. Did I pay? Unfortunately once or twice I did, I mean who doesn’t want all of the above just falling into their laps.

Sadly I eventually realized the truth of the situation and felt like an idiot for wishing, in part that, it could be true. Brushing my bruised ego aside I started paying attention to the emails and below is exactly what I have come to realize about an industry that probably steals a lot of money from many desperate souls.

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So what does the operation look like?

  1. You would normally complete a form asking for a free reading. Although it says free don’t be fooled, your free reading will almost always come with what I like to call my favorite line, “But wait there’s more…It pulls you in just far enough for you to want to know more, playing on our curious nature and before you realize you have made your first purchase for that all important guide on the next six months of your life together with your lucky numbers for guaranteed success.
  2. After a while when absolutely nothing happens you get a second mail telling you of a meeting with a high priestess somewhere in the Andes Mountains and guess what, she mentioned your name. She told me that you are one of the lucky ten people to receive in your inbox the secret to everlasting life.
  3. Pissed off at not getting your piece of the pie the first time round you ignore the mail and move on. A few days later your phone vibrates, and low and behold another mail. This time it is urgent with subject lines like; tomorrow it will be too late or; tomorrow there will be nothing I can do for you.
  4. Naturally being human you get worried, that is if you still a believer at this point. You might even board up your windows or call in sick for work because it seems doomsday is just around the corner and it’s coming for you!
  5. Eventually, the panic subsides and you move on and clearly so does she as only days later you receive yet another email but this time with the subject, Say goodbye to your troubles, get your golden ticket to happiness.

Okay, I know it gets old and eventually, you would just spam the emails or unsubscribe. I however, wanted to know a little more so I stuck around. It was a while ago when this medium sent me her newsletter advertising another astrologer. I couldn’t help myself, I had to see and honestly how shocked was I to learn that her colleague did exactly the same thing. Now my inbox was a mix of, a) Tomorrow it will be too late from the medium and, b) Someone is plotting against you from the astrologer.

A month after requesting my free reading from the astrologer I received her newsletter and low and behold, a referral to someone who communicates with angels. That was me done, dusted and out of there, I had seen enough to know that what they were doing wasn’t helping people, they were cross marketing people in trouble to make more money.

I guess your question at this point is what about the refund? Although they all offer this money back guarantee thing I can’t promise you that they all pay it back. I guess this to me is the one trump card they play the best (no pun intended), the one of buy and test and if you’re not happy then simply ask for a refund. This way there is no arguing about the validity or anything else for that matter.

All opinions here are my own and should not be construed as factual advice. I am also not saying that these things do not exist. I am a firm believer in the paranormal and the beyond, angels, stars, and magic. I am not discrediting the practice, merely the way it is advertised and done like most things on the internet today.

As it was once said in a movie where we live an unreal life, “It is up to you to make up your own damn mind!”

That’s a wrap,



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