Thinking out loud

I am not an expert in books. I write them but I don’t control the market and won’t be able to tell you if your book will in fact sell. It is most likely the truth that people meaning us creatures of habit will stick to what we know and won’t give something new a shot until someone else does. Once a book hits it big, it usually means the book is now considered cool enough, and because Sally has the book Joe feels she must have it too. What if Sally mentions the book at lunch and Joe sits there not having read it yet? That would be embarrassing, right?

I would like to think that is how it goes. That, in a perfect world a best seller is not always the best but just a craze that eventually passes and life goes on. I believe that many so-called best sellers are not the best for their writing style, their use of grammar or even the story line. In my, opinion some are the best just like a new toy would be the best simply because it comes from the world of film and television. Those few might have had one genuinely good piece of work, as for the rest can it perhaps be called luck or could money be playing a factor?

But then if I look at it like this does that mean that everything else is also made up, dressed to look a certain way? I guess that would mean something is wrong with the world and the way we do things. I also guess that would make us feel guilty right? Is it true then that in this life some will never make it no matter how hard they try, is that a fact? Is the real truth not then that, I might never reach the top, and because I can’t then the world will judge and say, but you didn’t work hard enough. It’s twisted when you think about it, about how things work, but then just like Sally we usually don’t think at all, do we? Tomorrow will bring with it something new to follow, the next big thing, and we will blindly follow where everyone has followed before and cling to it for it’s worth of being in fashion, in style or simply cool to have.

Everyone for themselves I guess.

To the different people,



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