Help, but at what price?

I recently downloaded a new app after reading about it on Facebook. There was no advertisement for this application, I went on testimony from a user that it was excellent and I quickly jumped at the opportunity only to fall flat on my face not even two days after. Let me give you the backstory. This application aims to connect individuals who suffer from anxiety and other emotional problems to what they refer to as listeners.  These listeners are given online training and know how to deal with various situations and also when to refer you to a professional if they are unable to assist. Let me say I think this is a brilliant idea because it gives individuals a chance to find someone they connect with on a personal level and if you don’t connect with one person you can easily move on to another until you find your match. What also makes this so great is that the entire thing is anonymous, in other words, your listener will never know who you are and where you from unless you tell them.

I did mention earlier that the application did not last long with me, and don’t get me wrong it is brilliant. For someone in need of talking, who just wants someone to listen and relate or understand it is great. The reason why I hit the uninstall button was because of the posts I started noticing coming from the user who introduced me to the application in the first place.

This user started using her status field within Facebook to talk about her experiences as a listener. In other words, the stuff that a stranger told her in confidence was turned around and discussed as a topic for amusement or something not agreed with in general. This is where I thought to myself, okay so if all this is coming from someone who got the training, whose mission is supposed to be to help others, then why come to the most public place on the internet and discuss their problems here. Yes you might not mention names but the truth is someone trusted you to listen, your title is a listener and not spokesperson.

This just makes me wonder how safe our conversations with the real doctors are if others talk so easily? How far exactly does the doctor-patient confidentiality thing go or is it also a conversation starter with other patients who visit those we trust?

download (27)

You can use the argument of not mentioning names or personal details but there is a human aspect missing here. The one of trust. That little voice that asks if he or she was present would they appreciate the actions you are taking now?

In all instances, I think the answer is clear:

I don’t think so!

Chew on that a bit,





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