JR Books Feature Update: The Journey of Secrets release Giveaway

With only 84 days to go until the release of the next book in The Journey of Secrets series, I am getting restless, but also excited that soon the second book will be out there. In celebration of this milestone, I have decided to giveaway some goodies. If a Kindle Fire, Amazon Vouchers and autographed copies of these books sound good then read on for details on how to enter. 

It is simple:

  1. Head to The Journey of Secrets page on Facebook and give it a like and follow this blog. The Facebook page also gives you more information on what is up for grabs and other smaller details. If you enter through my blog you do not need to complete the same steps on Facebook. Kapish!
  2. Using the contact form provided below please complete in order to receive in your inbox a copy of the first book in the Journey of Secrets series for FREE. I solemnly swear you will not be spammed and you can opt out at any time should you wish to be so nasty.

3. Once you have read the first book and you would like an advanced readers copy of the second book in exchange for a review please let me know, although this step is not compulsory to stand a chance of winning the Kindle Fire, those that do complete this step will gain a bonus entry. Take note deadline for ARC copies is 10/05/2017

There you go. It is as simple as that.

Please bombard me with questions if you have any and as always a big thank you for your support. Without your money, I would not be able to give you back your money in freebies lol…

Chat soon,





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