Travel Thursday: A moment in time



Dear Journal,

I know it’s been awhile but the truth is my words have been few. A wise man once said that life is meant to be lived in silence for it is only then that we hear life at its best. I suppose that is why I love this place. For the most part, I don’t understand what is being said but where I find myself language is but a small barrier in a line of barriers to cross. Early morning is when I grab my soul, it usually starts when first light hits the sky. The men and woman of the village would start this journey early and since my arrival here I have been made part of this tradition, now more a need than the respect I showed before. I can try and describe that moment in time when we reach the top of the mountain when light slowly starts feeling its way through the air, branches, and grass but I fear I would do it an injustice by doing so. One moment there is darkness and then as if someone had taken a match and lit it against the grey-blue sky it ignites to become a burning ball of fire. It is then that I grab my soul, to stop it from following like a moth would do a flame for the beauty on its own is enough to lead you astray. The moment does not last long, and soon the talk of the day begins and I wait once more for tomorrow and the silence that dawn brings, that one moment in time.

©JR Robberts 2017


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