JR Books Feature Wednesday: Update


For those who follow my blog with great intent might have noticed a slight decline in content recently and believe me I bow my head in shame but on a more positive side, it is not all doom and gloom. I have been hard at work on my second book in The Journey of Secrets Series which I hope to have out in May if all my plans play out. Yes, besides considering myself a blogger I am also a writer and sometimes the blog needs to take a back seat just for a bit so I can focus on what brings in the real cheese or the bling, bling. So if you’re wondering why I had the audacity to post this on a book feature day, well now you have the answer, it’s about my book and I need help.

By now most would have either clicked the like button or simply scrolled right past this post without doing me any favors (How rude!) but if you are still with me then how flipping fabulous are you! To answer your first burning question, no, I am not going to ask you for a donation or make you buy me coffee, well not yet at least. (Insert evil laugh here.)

If you like fantasy books and you love reading them and you’re still with me at this point, bad jokes included and you would be willing to help a brother out by reading book one and book two at no cost to you before the scheduled release of book two in May then please let me know.


The biggest obstacle I face at the moment is how the first book is being totally wiped out by the second in terms of language, life experiences and just how much everything changed for my characters from where they left one world as children and now face another as adults.


If you ask me if a child can read book one then my answer would be, yeah sure but ask me the same about book two and I might just disappoint with a solid no and that is the problem…but  before I confuse anyone or give away too much get in touch with me via the Contact section of my blog.

But only if you are serious cause time is money, honey!

For more on the Journey of Secrets close your eyes and click here

Chow for now,



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