Travel Thursday: #Umfularesort @ The Vaal

As most of you may know I took a little breather over the last two weeks to recharge the batteries both physically and mentally. Every year it is customary for us to take a little trip, Garith will refer to it as a holiday where I would simply call it a camping trip. We spent most of the week arguing about what to call it and sufficed to say by the end of it all I was more than happy to call it a holiday and get home to my own bed and the creature comforts that keeps me sane.


We first heard about Umfula Resort from family and thought we had to give it a try. Their website looked good, the communication over email with the resort was excellent but I have done this long enough to know that everything is not always as it seems. How wrong was I when we arrived and saw this place. Everything that the website made it out to be was true and right from the word, go, Umfula delivered as promised. If you have been reading my Travel posts you might remember that I mentioned how something always goes wrong with us on the first day and guess what, nothing did! I kept telling Garith that I am not going to say the words just yet until the day had ended. Needless to say by the end of the first day under the stars I could safely say that for the first time we made it to a camping trip without any issues. No mud, no torrential winds or rain, and no flooding. It was just us, the water and the open sky and then the flash of light.A story for another time perhaps…

Umfula Resort is located next to the Vaal River ideal for fishing just outside the town of Parys in the Free State. Yes Parys, not Paris, please don’t confuse the two. The town is small but rich in little treasure shops, my kind of shops. Boasting with antiques and some of the finest coffee since Johannesburg. When you do visit be sure to take a Sunday to stroll around, that is when this little gem of a town really comes alive.

It also has a stunning tackle shop for some last minute fishing gear. For my Birthday I bought myself Herbie or Herb for short. She is a mix of purple and pink and was hardly in the water when she caught me my first barbel of 3.2kg. Later in the week, she topped that with a 5.9kg Carp. I promised that she would catch the big one on my birthday but maybe next time, who knows. Oh and for the purposes of my marriage I should probably mention that Garith also caught some fish…okay lots of fish.

I would recommend Umfula resort without thinking twice about it. The stands are great, the fishing is great, it is clean and has three swimming pools, mini golf, kids play area and a bar that operates over weekends. For those who prefer something a little more comfortable other than a tent or caravan they also offer chalets with a stunning view of the river. About the only thing that I could possibly critique is that if you go for where we were (stand 38 and 37) you might want to drive to the bathroom since it is quite a walk and if it has been raining chances are you might find yourself in a slippery, muddy, sliding situation.

Visit Umfula Resort’s website and have a look for yourself. See what else the beautiful town of Parys has to offer here. (If you end up in Paris, you in the wrong place.)

If you looking for accommodation in South Africa or willing to offer in your hometown so we can come knocking on your door then contact me. #wanttoseetheworld #makefriends

What a catch! See you soon #umfularesort.



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