Kicking down the door…

Hello ninjas,


Indeed I am coming to you live (alive) and ready to kick ass. My holiday was good and it gave me time to reflect on what I need to do this year and what I would like to accomplish realistically.

When you put the two words next to each other, needs and wants, the meaning sounds almost the same but if there was one lesson I needed to learn and I don’t think I am quite finished learning just yet is that there is a big difference between the two.


I want to accomplish so much this year and I have set the bar of where I would like to be, come end of the year.Deep inside I feel I need to reach the bar but the truth is I have realized that maybe it is okay to just want to get there.

Telling myself that at the end of 2017 I need to have 15 Books published is both stupid and very unrealistic but if I tell myself that I would like to I am in essence separating myself from the anxiousness and stress I would feel if I persisted and didn’t get it done, nevermind the disappointment that would follow soon after.

I think it is important to distinguish between the two and not set yourself up for failure by getting the need and want confused. Life has enough pressure, why make it harder by adding more? I don’t need to, I just need to do my best.

So what is planned for 2017? (realistically)

  1. You’re getting a new website! Oh yes pretty soon JR Books Blog will be putting on a new jacket and even I can’t wait since I have no idea yet what it is going to look like.
  2. In April/May the release of The Journey of Secrets Book II or my first paranormal novella. (Seeing where the creativity goes.)
  3. Continue with my Book Feature Wednesdays but a little change coming which I will fill you in on soon.
  4. Obviously Travel and lots of it.
  5. Lots of new stuff.
  6. In September the release of another book (Top Secret) and then December another short compilation.
  7. Studies…Even I need to learn I suppose.

So there you have it. I have just listed in short, months and months worth of work that I want to get done.

All in all just remember,


You can count on me…(whistle, whistle)




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