Travel Thursday: I am doing this again!

If you are reading this you have reached an automated post. Yes, I am guilty but the truth is I currently find myself in a location with very limited cell phone reception so I opted to do this week’s travel Thursday a little early.

Where am I? Well, I am probably sitting next to the Vaal, out in the middle of nowhere with a tent and a few fishing rods. Every year over my birthday I seem to get this idea that camping would be great, so off course, by all means, let’s do it again, maybe this time it will be different.

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining. I am very much a fan of the outdoors and camping out under the evening sky, but you see we have this thing when it comes to our holidays. If you rich put your money on the table honey cause u can bet high that something interesting is bound to happen to us. There is not one holiday whether it was camping or not that something did not happen and I don’t expect this one to be any different.

Let me summarize some of our experiences thus far:

  1. Mount Sheba: This location was awesome. With only six camping spots which featured no electricity, we decided on this one for the view and boy was it worth it. Besides having to climb a rocky road in a KIA Picanto it was also cold as it was just before winter and we were pretty high up.
  2. A farm somewhere: This location was during winter (I see a pattern forming) but we were brave enough to tackle the cold, I mean how cold could it be. That night turned out to be one of the coldest nights, so cold that the pipes of the ablutions froze and please keep in mind we were next to a river. Sufficed to say the next morning I woke up with a temperature and not long after we packed up and left. I was sick but it was one of those experiences I won’t easily forget.

3.Eagles Wildlife Resort, Hartebeespoort Dam: This location probably has the most stories attached to it. Everything from torrential rain and heavy winds we have experienced here. Winds that had us sitting inside the tent holding it up with our hands as the gusts bent the poles. My favorite experience here was the flash flood. We arrived at a site we did not pick and did not want. We started to unpack and I took the bag of wood from the car and placed it next to the communal braai. The lady next door had a serious problem with what I had done so she took the wood and threw it back to our side. “OUR SIDE, YOUR SIDE.” Well long story short, a little later the rain came and with it the wind. The wind took gazebos and tents left and right and the water got in almost everywhere, just not by us. Somehow we were saved from the worst. I have never seen a campsite empty so quickly as people started packing up what remained of their holiday including our friendly neighbor’s next door. Karma hey. We did end up getting the site we wanted and a very nice holiday.


4.Another Farm somewhere: Again we go camping, had we arrived a day earlier we would have not been able to get in as the area was flooded. So we arrive and after being told that we were going to get stuck we decided to go for it anyway. So there we were, us and our trusted KIA Picanto heading down towards the river. Yes, we got stuck and we got stuck good. After being released from the worst collection of clay and mud I had ever seen we thought well, all will be fine from here on out, that was until the humidity brought the flies, I sat there praying for the evening to come because they were just everywhere, it felt like they were toying with us, seeing where they could sit the most. I think we ended up leaving a day early just because of that.


I could go on as to how many times we had close encounters of some kind but all in all that is where the fun lies is it not? It is not the destination in the end that is the most important to me, it is how we get there. The Journey as a whole makes all of this worthwhile. Yes, I could stay in some hotel any day and almost burn to death (Story for another day) but then would I ever be able to say I have experienced all the other stuff. I have a man by my side that I love and I enjoy every adventure we take together. We often sit and talk about getting a bigger car and maybe a van and yes I am sure one day we will but for now as long as the KIA can climb mountains and face water and mud we will be where nature is, it’s just who we are at, heart.

Wherever your next journey takes you, I hope it’s an experience worth remembering. I hope it inspires you to come back to the city recharged and ready for a new year of challenges and work. For those already working cherish those memories till you can say, I’m doing this again.

Bon Voyage,



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