Travel Thursday: A walk on the Beach

There is just something about living by the coast. I can just imagine how breathtaking it must be to experience day changing into the night and the soothing sounds of the waves breaking.

I can see myself there every morning as I drink my coffee, browsing #twitter, viewing the breathtaking pictures people share about some of these idyllic places. I don’t know the facts but I wonder at times if you get bored at all when living there? I can’t imagine that you would ever want to leave or go anywhere else. Surely no sunset is the same, no walk on the beach is repetitive in nature. To me, each day will offer something new, something different than the day before. I can see myself writing many books with the ocean right outside my window, or I might just sit and stare at the water. In the end coffee in the morning would go down so much better there. Coffee with a view.

It is true that we all long for something. I would one day like to live by the coast or just experience a week of it undisturbed, just me and my thoughts.

For now, I can only dream through the eyes of those that take these stunning photographs.


To view last weeks, Be Inspired Travel post you know where to hype.

Lights, Camera, Action!


PS: I do not own any of these pictures. The credit goes to those that took them.


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