JR Books Feature: The N-Days by J.Mckay



In a world gone terribly wrong. Where the monsters of our deepest
nightmares have come alive. One girl is on a journey to find Sanctuary
in America. These are the N Days. Welcome to the story of Samantha
Worthington Day. On the run from a demon horde that tore through the
dreamscape and destroyed everything she ever loved. She is looking for
Sanctuary in America, a place of safety and hope where humanity can
start rebuilding their shattered world. Follow her journey across the
United states with real life GPS coordinates and experience true life
locations with her. She has a long way to go and her amazing destiny
is yet to be revealed.

Welcome to Wednesday and welcome to a book that is sure to leave you wanting more. My featured Author for this week has put together a thrilling journey from start to end. It takes a lot for me to say that I can not wait to read this book and see what challenges lie ahead for Samantha. Luckily with my holiday less than a week away I will be able to read and post the feedback this book deserves.

Every story has an origin, it had to start somewhere and form into something solid and concrete and what people don’t always get that often this journey and getting to that point for any writer can be draining, tiring and a challenge. I can imagine Book 1 of this series was no different. I mean how many writers use real GPS coordinates to immerse the reader further into the female leads world. It’s interactive and as far as ideas go I think it’s brilliant.

So as with all Feature Wednesdays, I asked the creator of The N-Days three questions I thought would be fitting here.

1) Where did the idea for your book come from especially the use of
real GPS coordinates?

I was watching an episode of the tv series ‘Once upon a Time’ and saw
a scene with a portal in it. I knew I could expand on the idea and
make it even darker and more complex. As for the coordinates, it comes from a failed project of mine where the main character went on a road trip trough America. The story never saw the light but I liked the touch of the GPS and included it in The N Days.

 2) It takes a lot to write a book but how much of you is in it?
Does any character resemble you?

Samantha encapsulates a lot of my fears, worries, and pains of never
fitting in with society. But I know we can all relate to the heart she
shows when everything goes wrong and she has no choice but to pick
herself up and fight the odds again. As for any character resembling
me, I would never be that vain. Each one is unique and a product of my
overactive imagination.

3) What can we expect from you next?

The N-Days will carry on with the second part of book 1, then book 2,
3 and 4. After that, I am going to hopefully release a historical
crime fiction drama set in 1980’s New York.

I would like to thank J.Mckay for allowing me the opportunity to feature his work on my blog and I am thrilled to be reading all about Samantha soon and I hope you reading this will get yourself a copy, add it to your reading list and support this author.

How to get in touch:

You can follow J.Mckay on Facebook ,  or read more on his Wattpad site. Twitter is also a good option for some inside scoops.

To get your copy of The N-Days Book One go directly here.

If you liked this book please be kind and leave a review. Authors rely on them for feedback and also marketing. You don’t have to write an essay about the book if you don’t have the time. Simply give it a star rating and wait for the next and then the next…

This is one Book you do not want to miss,

To be quarantined,


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