Coffee Confessions from a Cheat…


Every morning you are there for me when I wake up, you not in a mood as in too hot or too cold, you made just right by the love of my life. But I am afraid I have to confess, I have not been completely honest with you, my dearest coffee.

The truth is there is someone else, well quite a few come to think of it and I know what you must think of me but you have to understand I simply cannot have enough of your kind. You all possess this natural attraction I can’t stay away from, it’s like pheromones.

Please don’t be upset you were and will always be my first but I have to consider that maybe um you just not the perfect blend for me. I am absolutely dreading this but just know I still have a few of these to write and well I didn’t want to tell you in person because we both know what will happen. Maybe we can still be friends? Friends with benefits?

The way I worked it out I can still see you in the mornings but by two in the afternoon I have to see Double Chocolate, the flavored Coffee. And if I play my cards right at night I can fit in the capsule and maybe your friend, Decaf.

I know this must come as a shock to you but as you can see I am a man with a busy schedule and all of you are so demanding. I have tried not going to a store but each time I do I find myself lingering in the coffee isle. Note I don’t at all think that you are a prostitute or anything, no I know a prostitute when I see one…tea, now there is a bag that throws themselves at anything.


Hope I see you tomorrow,

With Silliness,



One thought on “Coffee Confessions from a Cheat…

  1. Phyllis E says:

    As I sit at my laptop, drinking my morning cup of French Roast (fresh-ground beans, of course), I cogitate over the one and only cup of java I allow myself daily.

    For better or for worse, from High Noon onward, I’m a “tea”-totaller.

    Thanks for the morning smile.

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