Travel Thursday: Be Inspired

Inspiration can be defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
Inspiration is such a funny thing. It can be found almost everywhere, we just need to look to find the magic needed to create something from our emotions and experience. I think we all need to be inspired and often we are the only ones standing in our way of doing just that.

Many books and movies were born from inspiration. Some draw inspiration from history while others draw inspiration from watching and learning, however, one thing that will always be a golden source of inspiration is nature. When walking the shops or sitting in a waiting room you will often see art on display. These come in the form of paintings or sculptures and I never stopped myself before to think where it came from and who the person was that sat for hours painting a landscape and what an experience it must have been for them to be right there, in the moment.
We tend to lose moments and I am speaking for myself when I say I don’t look around enough, I accept nature and all its beauty for what it is and move on living with this sort of idea that tomorrow is another day, tomorrow I will stop and watch the sunset or smell the flowers. But I never ask myself, what if there is no tomorrow? What if the book I wanted to write never sees the light because I thought time was on my side? What if that house standing only on a small piece of rock with the ocean roaring underneath is swept away before I could paint or take a picture?

It is important to be inspired and to be open to inspiration. The next time you find yourself going for a walk or on an extended holiday or even just to the shops and back take a moment and appreciate the things that might not be around tomorrow including those that inspire you each day to do your best and broaden your horizon on making the impossible, possible.
This Travel Thursday is not dedicated to just one place but to all the mystical locations and places out there that spark creation. Creating a memory, a new idea or just the appreciation of knowing what is around you.
I would love to know your favorite?
Wherever you find yourself today I hope it’s inspiring. I hope from the experience you can create something positive, something good. We all need it, the good, the inspiration, the hope.

Rock on,

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