JR Books Feature Wednesdays: The Damien Dickens Series by Phyllis Entis




Phyllis Entis. The creative mind behind the Damien Dickens Series.


It is not often I come across a series of books that without even reading them I can already see the love and passion that went into creating it. I sat last night working on this piece and thought to myself how much wisdom and stories this brilliant, creative mind could share with me. I am definitely going to read this book and I highly recommend you do too.


The Green Pearl Caper Book 1 is available Here (Smashwords Edition) Also available on Amazon Here.


So what is it about and is it for you?
I killed Celine. A couple of teenagers found her body last Sunday morning, half-hidden under the Boardwalk, a single bullet hole through her chest. The bullet came from my Smith & Wesson 29, the gun found on the beach not far from where Celine lay.
It wasn’t my finger that pulled the trigger. I wasn’t there when she died. Even so, I killed her. She came to me for help; I had bailed her out of a tight spot in the past, and she trusted me. But, this time, I let her down. I didn’t believe she was really in danger. I screwed up, and Celine paid the price. She was murdered, and it’s my fault.
Celine walked into my office on July 16, 1979. Less than one week later, she was dead.
Wow, how is that for a prolog? It grabs you and holds you and makes you wonder, what happened, what went wrong! I need to get my hands on this book!
If you are one for cozy mysteries then this series of books might just be what you are looking for and as if three books are not enough then don’t despair because there is a fourth book on the horizon and coming soon. Awesome right?
But who is this mystery woman behind the books? Well, I have already investigated the matter by asking her to answer three questions. It is important to know the subject of any investigation so you can have at the end a complete profile. In this case, I was curious about the characters, the time period so I did some digging of my own to solve the mystery.
What inspires you?
 My first inspiration was simply the challenge of writing a novel. Then my sister, who is one of my persnickety beta-readers, observed that I had written the kind of book that our father used to enjoy reading. Her comment has provided me with the inspiration to continue the series, even in the face of sales droughts and plot blockages.
How much alike are you and your characters?
When I was a tween, I would baby-sit my younger sister and one of our cousins (my sister’s age) on Saturday nights while our respective parents were out doing whatever ‘grown-ups’ did back then on Saturday nights. Our favorite activity was to play Dick Tracy, a game I invented. I would prepare a series of verbal clues, hidden in different locations in my cousin’s house, each clue leading to the next. The final clue was meant to lead my sister and my cousin to the place where I was hiding. I suppose there has always been a detective hiding inside of me, looking for a way to escape. Other than a love of solving puzzles, I share with my characters a love of dogs. My husband and I are privileged to share our home with a 13-month old Australian Cobberdog. She is sitting next to me as I type this.
What is next on your to-do list?
My current work-in-progress is the fourth book in the Damien Dickens Mysteries series. I am approaching the 20% mark in the first draft of the manuscript, and am trying to add something every day. My other project is the revival of a mothballed blog on food safety issues, eFoodAlert.



This just about concludes my investigation. I have considered all of the evidence and have come to the conclusion that this series of books is a must read. The investigative Husband and Wife duo makes for an interesting storyline and creates the space needed to have a story that constantly stretches its boundaries without becoming boring.
I want to thank Phyllis Entis for allowing me to share her amazing gift with the world.
To support Phyllis Entis  and to stay in touch to receive updates on her fourth book in the series you can follow her blog Here or connect with her on Facebook right about here.
To purchase your own copy of the Book/s in any format known to man find the links below. You can view the first 20% of the books for free so don’t just take my word for it.
1.The Green Pearl Caper (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/621598)
2.The White Russian Caper (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/626902)
3.The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/670692)
The above-mentioned books are also available on Amazon in both kindle and paperback formats.
To end this week’s feature I want to ask that if you like the written word by this amazing writer and you decide to purchase a copy please be kind and leave a review. It doesn’t have to consist of an essay length summary, you can simply give it a star rating and move on. We as indie authors rely on reviews and social media to share and promote our work. So review and share, it’s all I ask.
Keep your eyes peeled as I will be reviewing the Damien Dickens Series Book One in a separate feature soon.
Court is adjourned,

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