JR Books Feature Wednesdays: UPDATE

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Last week I asked for submissions to feature books by Indie Authors for free on my blog. So far the response has been great and I’m busy fitting together the last pieces of the puzzle before I get the ball rolling.

That, however, does not mean I am going to leave you high and dry. For today’s update feature I have good news. There are still plenty of spots to fill and the best part is that I am not charging you for anything. As mentioned before I want to help because in the long run with networking, which is essential these days, you might help me.

What I have noticed is that many are afraid to feature their work and I’m not quite sure why. Is it the fear of rejection? Is it the fact that your comfort zone would be breached if you do put it out there for all to see, or is it simply that you are so successful that you don’t need a little bit of extra help? Whatever your reason, there is always room for something new. New opportunities knocking on your door.

You can submit:

  1. A book or book series
  2. A poem
  3. A short story

So peeps just drop me an email using the contact section of my blog. I won’t share your information and you won’t be subscribed to anything you don’t want to be.

To see the original post go Here

It’s that simple,

Check ya’ later.



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