The 2017 Plan-it-disaster.

Another year has come and gone, and with that, the clock resets and we are back to square one. My calendar is now open and I’m sitting with 364 days to fill, to do something different, something better than the year before, but where to start?


I often wonder why we put so much pressure on ourselves when something new comes along like a new year for example. I am not suggesting that having goals and certain ambitions is a bad thing, I guess in my opinion there is such a thing as too much.

A few days ago or last year I sat trying to plan the year ahead, seeing what I would like to get done in 2017 and how I was going to fit it all in. I quickly realized that apart from my workload for the year I was going to drive myself insane with creating all these expectations for myself. I am torn between the two, between planning and going with the flow. Many say create realistic expectations and work according to a well laid out plan and you should be good to go. I think at times even the best plans don’t work and that is when the pressure gets to you and breaks your spirit before you even halfway through the year.

In the end, I have planned. I have planned to continue my exercise, dancing and other activities I enjoy. I have planned my work in terms of what to do on certain days and also to write, write and write but I know and realize I would be lucky as gold if I am going to get everything done exactly as planned and I think that is the realization here. Plan and do what you can do, do it knowing that you most probably will not get it all perfect and move on.

All that I can do is be excited and positive because I have 364 days to do something brilliant with my time and energy and if it doesn’t work I can try again remembering that even Rome was not built in one day.

Keep it realistic and reevaluate every now and again as to where you stand.

I hope that 2017 will be a kick ass year and that you will find what you are looking for.

Anything is possible, that much I do know.

All the Best



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