Travel Thursday: A Tribute to Awesome!

Dreaming is nice. To hope that one day I will get to see places that so far has only existed in my imagination. The truth is very often these places do exist. One just needs to know where to look…


Nature is amazing, what it offers us as human beings are inspiration and appreciation for that which surrounds us. Not only does nature inspire some of the best stories but it also provides the artist’s hand with a brush to paint the perfect picture. To photographers who capture these moments, who shares their talent with the world today I want to say thank you. Without you some of us will never get to see a lightning storm up close or experience the joy of seeing the sun rise through your eyes on a cold and icy mountain, not forgetting those who captures the wildlife perfectly, from the smallest spider to the largest predator.

All in all, I hope creativity never dies. May we all see and learn and form ideas of bigger, better projects. More stories, more paintings and as technology improves even closer and better pictures.


The next time you find yourself somewhere out and about take the time to notice the small things, for it is there where beauty starts and expands.

Eyes wide open.



***I do not own any of these photos. Credit belongs to the awesome people who took them.***


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