I love reading. Apart from writing stories, I do enjoy a good book or piece of poetry every so often. As a writer, I find myself in the same boat as many others out there, they want to be read but no one is willing to pay the money or even better simply take the chance on a new author. As with every business, it is still pretty much based on who you know, who your influential contacts are in the industry and if you get the reviews to prove that your books are worth the money spent buying them.

I have a new mission heading into the New Year. There are thousands, if not millions of unknown authors out there who produces great work but are rarely noted. I see many groups advertising book promotions and encouraging authors to help each other but I don’t see the delivery of such requests. Why is that? Is it because we tend to still pretty much stick to our side of the fence, protecting our little piece of green grass from others and not really wanting someone else to succeed where we fail or might fail?

Whatever the reason I believe that there is something good in helping others succeed and although this might be a small drop in a very large ocean I am going to play my part as best I can.

So here is the bottom line:

If you haven’t stopped reading this post and would like me to feature your work here for free as part of my Book Chat Wednesdays then please get in touch with me. I am not charging for this and there are only a small amount of rules that apply.

These rules are straightforward:

  1. If you have 10 000 000 fans and have already sat on the bestseller list I won’t promote you. This is not what this blog is about. This is for people like me still trying and fighting to make it.
  2. If your work is explicit in nature and not suitable for my blog I will tell you. No hard feelings.
  3. To feature your book, poem or short story I need to read it first. The proof is in the pudding as they say and if it lacks sugar, for example, I can’t sell it. I am not a reviewer or an editor so don’t expect me to.
  4. In life, there are no guarantees and the same applies here when it comes to potential sales etc. If you think you might become a best seller because of this maybe tone it down just a bit.
  5. I don’t expect anything in return except a thank you, whether in words or by mouth. Off course reblogging this to your own page would be nice if you have your own writer’s blog.
  6. There are limited spaces available and I will only feature work on a Wednesday.

So to summarize, I can’t offer you the world on a silver platter but I can offer you the opportunity that at least one more person can see your name and possibly read your work if they like what they see.

If you are interested send me a Contact message.

Bring it on.

Mic Drop,




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