Grant a wish this Christmas

Sometimes I find myself hoping that one of my wishes would be granted and honestly there are many of them. I wish that I could fill some stockings that aren’t mine, I wish for a difference in the lives of those that are less fortunate. In the end, there is only so much I and many others can do to help.


I see a lot of sites asking for donations, asking money that is intended to help the less fortunate but I often wonder just how far those donations go. Do they help enough, probably not? People including myself are often reluctant to donate to a cause by texting to a number or clicking a donate button on a page. Sometimes this is because we ourselves are strapped for cash or it is just easier and simpler to say no because of our opinion on the situation.

Many homeless people stand at street corners every day begging for money. Some would give bits of cash as they wait for the traffic light to switch, but others close the windows or just wave them away. The reason would often be why are they not working? Why don’t they do garden work or wash cars? My question is what is the unemployment rate where you are? How many people unlike the man on the street is sitting without a stable income to provide for their families? How many children will not be getting a gift this Christmas because there is simply no money to buy any. These kids often understand how hard life is from an early age and they appreciate what they do have so much more, however, life won’t be done with them anytime soon. They will grow up facing the same reality unless by some miracle an intervention takes place and provides them with a solid education and a positive mindset to do well.

Yes, we all have wished but mine is not like that of the man on the street. I can’t wake up in the morning and complain that life is bad because truth is there are others who have it way worse. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


My wish this Christmas is simple.

Do something for someone that you do not know or may know. Someone who is struggling, someone who is less fortunate than what you are. Next time you are prompted to donate money make sure it is going where it is supposed to or alternatively simply take a walk down the street or drive to a children’s home and give your time and a little bit of yourself to the person who needs it. That, in the end, doesnt cost you anything.

I realize now that we often get so caught up in our own lives and problems that we do not see outside of our own existence. It is a shame but luckily for all of us, it is never too late.

Happy Monday






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