Top 10 Friday: Obscure phrases

The English language is a rich one. There are plenty of ways to get your point across but sometimes it gets tricky. Your communication might be on par but the other person involved might look at you thinking, what does that even mean?

For the sake of my own vocabulary and maybe to broaden yours today I am putting together my Top 10 of the most obscure phrases and since its weekend why not take them for a test drive. Just don’t land yourself in hot water.


1.”Fly by the seats of your pants.” Improvise much?

2.”Go doolally.” Crazy Much?

3.”Three sheets to the wind.” Drunk much?

4.”Taking the Mickey.” Make fun much of someone else?

5.”Have a Butchers.” They could have just stuck with looking at something.

6.”Storm in a Teacup.” If Sandy wonders what Mary is doing, Mary would reply, “Mike and I are having a storm in a teacup.”

7.”Happy as a sandboy.” You’re not truly happy until you’re as happy as a sand boy.

8.”Sweet Fanny Adams.” Not what you think!

9.”It was a dickens of a job.” Tough job!

10.”Red Herring.” Misleading much?

There you have it. Ten very weird yet creative sayings.

Don’t know if I will be telling someone soon that they are taking the mickey over a storm in a teacup. You know I used to be as happy as a sand boy but you and your red herring are just like three sheets to the wind. I realize being my friend is a dickens of a job but do it by flying by the seats of your pants. Have butchers at these cars, I’m only showing you these because of sweet fanny Adams.

Did I get it right? Don’t think so.

Anyway, see you Monday guys.

Happy Days



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