Travel Thursday: Gauteng, ZA

Welcome to Gauteng. On our journey through South Africa, I have shown you little snippets of Cape Town and Durban, both coastal cities. For today’s post, we move inland to the City of Gold, Gauteng. Most of its territory is defined by two major cities, Johannesburg and Pretoria and if you’re wondering why to visit these two cities let me try and convince you.

  1. Gold Reef City. This adventure theme park has everything to offer in thrills and family time. If you are looking for a ride that will leave you wanting more I recommend the Anaconda, see the picture below of this epic rollercoaster ride. For those more into culture and history of this beautiful place why not take a guided tour of an underground mine or dig for treasure stones. Also, try out the Tower of Terror, that is if being dropped down a mineshaft is your kind of thing.


2.Gauteng is rich in history and offers plenty of places that will give you insight into the past and present. These places include the Cradle of Humankind, recently featured on the Grand Tour. Pay a visit to the Sterkfontein Caves where fossils dated 3 million years old have been discovered or alternatively immerse yourself in nature by visiting the Lion Park. For something more historical visit the Apartheid Museum or Constitution Hill which offers plenty of insight and information into the countries controversial past.

3. For those who love shopping and entertainment pencil in these places to visit on your travels through South Africa. The Mall of Africa is the second largest mall in Africa and offers it’s visitors everything you could possibly want. It also has an impressive Imax Cinema where you can sit back comfortably, watching the latest Hollywood Blockbusters.Have a bite to eat and enjoy the feeling of this uniquely designed shopping space.

4. For those that loves movies, great food, bowling, laser tag and much more then Montecasino in Johannesburg is for you. This Tuscan Style Entertainment and Shopping complex make you feel like you have left the City of Johannesburg and traveled back in time to a different era. It’s a town within a building.





5. Both Pretoria and Johannesburg has a stunning Zoo to visit featuring local and international celebrities of our animal kingdom. There is no better place to spend a day out if you love animals and nature than here. Not only will the kids thank you for it, but you will enjoy it too.

6. As with all my travel entries, I can say that I have not even scratched the surface of these two cities. I listed above what is known, but, there are so many other places, too many to mention here. If you look, ask around, take a drive to one of Gauteng’s dams you will find lots and lots of local places to shop from. These are stalls and local small businesses that will offer you the traveler the warmest welcome and the best quality in goods and services. On your visit to Gauteng don’t just go mainstream, support the hidden gems that are our local artists and small businesses. To get the full South African experience you simply have to.

That is it from me for today.



The Gautrain


If you happen to come from Durban or Cape Town you can catch a local flight to O.R Tambo International or Lanseria Airport with selected airlines. Gauteng offers plenty of accommodation, visit Tripadvisor to find them.

Happy Journey!





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