Wednesday Wisdom: Bad Days flip +

We all have those days, the ones filled with frustration, those where staying in bed would have been the better option. Yesterday was one of those days for me. It started with a visit to the dentist followed by a visit to the doctor. In the end, I missed Travel Tuesday and another day wasted in terms of writing. So today I would like to focus on bad days and maybe, just maybe find something positive about them…


As much as we tend to linger on negativity there is always a positive side and somehow we can’t see it or we lack the knowledge on how to turn the tables against it. There might be different things that work for you but let’s flip this shall we?

  1. Choose to be Happy. The first step in making sure that negativity and all the bad emotions control your day make the choice to be happy. Rather than thinking about everything that is wrong in your life flip it into something positive.
  2. Make a list of the important things. Be positive about it, this list doesn’t have to be an essay, even if you just list two things you are on your way to flipping the day. It can be as simple as remembering those that love you or the fact that you have a roof over your head. Be grateful for the small things, there are many who don’t share what you have in life.
  3. Get some inspiration. This one is simple. You can search the internet for anything that will boost your morale and self-esteem. The internet offers a massive variety of pictures and quotes to give you that extra boost.
  4. Spoil yourself. Many say no to this whereas I disagree. I’m not saying that spending thousands on a bad day is the correct way of doing things. Spoiling yourself can be a coffee or an ice cream, even a movie if you have the time. It is important to do stuff you enjoy to flip from negative to positive.
  5. Call a friend. You get those special friends you can talk to or just vent to when you angry. Instead of sitting on it try and talk about it, get it out your system. Maybe you get advice and maybe not but the important part is you talked about it. Good for flipping, results guaranteed.


The list is small but the results I believe is huge in comparison. Yes, you won’t get it right all the time, I don’t. We are all just human in the end, sometimes a fit is needed to calm the storm inside you so that tomorrow the sun can rise to a better day. So when none of the above works have a cry, get rest but always think of the good things, often they not that hard to find.

Have a Happy Day,




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