A How to guide for Mondays

We all linger on social media, some more than others. I am around every day appealing to the muse within me and at times it takes a little bit of motivation or silliness to get going. Mondays are known as one of the worst days, the day where you want to be moving forward but your actually moving very little.

Anyhow to make the Monday just a little easier here are my top picture picks from last week ranging from anything to everything.

I do not own these pictures so a big thank you to those making them available for us to enjoy. Thumbs up!!

  1. Coffee- A Monday morning must start with coffee, a very strong cup of coffee or tea to those that prefer otherwise. I don’t suggest starting a Monday morning with alcohol or a hangover.


2.A little inspiration to get you going, preferably something positive.


3.Something funny to make you smile.


4. Something to sum up your weekend so you can move past it.


5.More inspirational stuff if number 2 did not work.

images-66.Your goal for the week.


7.A post to your favorite social media sites about counting down to Friday.


8.Start working. If you can’t post something about not being able to work today.


9.If your boss happens to see these posts around an hour before clocking off then end it on a positive note.


10. Last but not least end the day properly.







Hope you all have a wonderful week.

See you at Travel Tuesday tomorrow.

Happy Days.



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