Mail to Heaven

Dearest Gran, Granny, Gran Gran,

We are all doing well and I know there where you find yourself you are happy too. A lot has happened since you left but I guess you already know that. I bet you’ve been paying attention to every little detail of our lives and if one could curse there where you are you probably have already. I can just imagine the conversation between you and the big man, I bet it’s more than just one cup of tea worth of talking. Yes, we still doing our thing and for the most part it is the right thing or so we think. Life is still life down here, not nearly as nice as where you are.

I almost forgot, Happy Birthday and yes, as usual, we are all making a fuss and for the first time ,you really can’t complain (just a joke hey). I find myself trying to think of something to fill you in on, you probably heard about the fire? You know that the kids are getting older and cuter and hopefully, soon we will add another little one to the family but once again I am certain you already know the details. Oh, and the wedding, did you see it, we all missed you that evening. I stood there on the dance floor and imagined you dancing, doing all the moves as best you could. Maybe that night there was a special party there where you are with the rest of the family? Did you make peppermint crisp tart? I miss that so much. I bet they lucky having you there, biscuits, rusks, knitted jerseys and all that.

Since you know all the details there is not much left to say except that you must enjoy your Birthday. We all miss you, we all think of you every day and even though you wouldn’t want us to linger too much on the past, for now, we are all still healing I guess. You know yourself how long some wounds take to heal, and, I don’t think the big empty space you left behind will ever disappear from our hearts completely but we will learn in our own time how to live with it.

One thing I am certain of, your memory, your love, the footprints you left behind will always be here. Life was made better with you in it and until we meet there in heaven for a cup of tea life will go on and your lessons, your advice, and words will live on within all of us.

But the best news I haven’t told you, dearest Gran, is that someday we will meet again, I can’t wait…mmm I guess you knew that already hey?

Well for now, we carry with us these precious memories of you and the joy to know that one day we will see you again.

Happy Birthday,



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