To the beginning of something good…

So with only a few hours to go till my new book sees the light I am celebrating already and I can because I made it. This book was the hardest thing to write because it covers so much about stuff that happened in my life and stuff I still face today. I eased the pain of the process by going a different route instead of telling the story exactly as it happened but they are all relevant and true except the characters and scenery.

I have been down many paths in my life, some that almost destroyed me and others that built me up as a person and gave me the strength and perseverance to move forward. I agree that we are the ones that in the end decide which path to follow, we are our own worst enemy at times but not always. Sometimes life throws you a curveball, throw being the gentle version of the word I was going to use.

Do I want you to buy it?  Yes, I won’t deny it, I do. If you buy a copy for everyone that this book might help I hope you do so. We all share the same sun but for many, maybe even someone you know is going through a tough time and needs to see that they are not alone and never will be.

I don’t consider my life to be so special that it will trump everyone else’s. I’m just a guy with true and relevant stories to tell about my life past and current. Stories that say NO to labels. NO to abuse. NO to stereotypes and bullies. And a YES to hope, love, and inspiration.YES to the true heroes of today, the survivors.

In the end, it is your choice.

To celebrate the release of Spilled Coffee I am giving away 10 FREE ebook copies exclusively via Smashwords tomorrow on WordPress. I will be sending the code out to those that likes this post (meaning you are interested) and whom I can get into contact with. 

As always Thank you,


Happy Days



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