Tuesday Ramble: To be or not to be?

It is so easy to judge when you sitting way up in the sky away from danger. People always go on about staying humble when you reach the top, but, how many really do stay that way. The real question is were they ever humble, to begin with, or did they kill to make it. Just how many people do we step on to get there, what are the risks and does it really matter to the selfish thing within ourselves whether we make more enemies than friends on our way to the top?

This morning sitting with my cup of coffee this topic crossed my mind and I was going to do something simple for my first post of the day but hey, I got to go with what I have available and this was it.

When I look at myself I feel my heart is in a good place. I do my writing and I enjoy it. I do what I do also to help and inspire others. That is my ultimate goal but who doesn’t want to make it? I would be an idiot to say that I am fine with being stuck in the same loop forever. I also want to leave some sort of legacy behind in the form of my words or art. That being said I do not want to turn into what I see on social media every day, it makes me sick. There are those who would suggest that:

  1. I am jealous: Correction, I am happy to see someone else succeed. I am however not happy to see burning bridges along the way.
  2. I have not achieved anything cause I am down here on planet hardcore earth: I can almost bet there was a time that you who rides the high horse went through exactly the same shit as we all do. You might have written a post much like this showing your dissatisfaction over people rubbing their glorious success in your face and forgetting about you and who they once were.
  3. With this attitude, I will never get anywhere: Ouch! You don’t go quietly into that good night, do you? Look, no matter what I say on my Tuesday ramble, my inbox will still be flooded later with the “10 steps to success” emails or the “How I made my first $5000 in  two weeks.” Whatever you need to do to pull the wool over someone else’s eyes you will do, that is just who you are now or have always been.

Okay I agree, maybe I am being a little harsh this morning. Maybe I must first remove the shard of glass from my own eye before removing it from another? Whatever the case may be there are those few that even with great success remains exactly who they were before and those are my kind of people. I will support someone like that on any given day.

I know that just like many others out there our day will also come. The possibility is also there that it might not but then we aren’t negative are we? I believe everyone deserves their spot under the sun, it’s when the light starts shining out your backside, that is where the problem comes in. images-5

To all those fighting a battle, no matter how hard it is I know you will make it. I don’t need 10 steps to tell me that I need to believe in myself, the trick is to know that there are others out there who believe in me too. The same goes all way round.

We are judged by what we look like, how we dress and how we act. Honestly, the real truth and judgment come from the heart and sooner or later it all spills out for everyone to see. Masks don’t last a lifetime.

So when you have chased everyone away, burnt all the bridges and sitting high up in the sky on the throne you built for yourself I hope you never need help because often help does not come to those who clearly doesn’t want or need it .

Stay humble.

Stay true.

Happy Days



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