Places worth visiting in South Africa: Cape Town, Western Cape

There comes a time when everyone wants and needs a holiday. I am not referring to a holiday close to home, I’m referring to the type where you visit another country or a place you have not seen before and South Africa is one of those places that has everything to offer for the tourist inside of you and your family.

Over the next few days, I will be sharing with you some of the best travel locations in and around South Africa. Let’s start with my personal favorite:

  1. Cape Town, Western Cape

This is a magical place. Apart from the breathtaking views of Table mountain and surrounds, there is so much more to do.

Did you know:

Table Mountain is also known as Devils Peak. Devils Peak got its name long ago, referring to a battle that took place between a man and the devil himself. Van Hunks, a dutch pirate went to the mountain every day to smoke his pipe in peace. One day upon arriving at his usual spot he found a stranger sitting there dressed in strange clothes and wearing a hat. The stranger politely asked if Van Hunks could spare some tobacco for his pipe. Van Hunks agreed and boasted that he was the only man that could smoke so much tobacco but the stranger told him that he was sure he could smoke just as much if not more. With anger, Van Hunks challenged the stranger to a smoking duel. It was not long before smoke enveloped them and soon started making its way up the mountain. After a while Van Hunk became tired and his opponent wasn’t looking that pleased either. The legend goes on to say that the stranger leaned forward causing his hat to dislodge revealing his true identity. The devil was so angry at losing that lightning struck from the sky leaving only a scorched patch of ground behind where he and Van Hunk had sat only moments before. In the legend, it is said that the smoke they left behind became Cape Towns famous table cloth and that every year Van Hunks is forced to repeat his duel.



Places to see in Cape Town:

V&A Waterfront: This popular tourist destination offers everything you could possibly desire including works from local artists, chopper rides over the city and some of the best shops and restaurants you could hope for. See for yourself.


The Wine Route: Cape Town offers the wine connoisseur an experience unlike any other. With a clearly marked route, you can travel the countryside that offers more spectacular views and features some of the best local award winning wines in South Africa. Find out more here.


Ratanga Junction: This popular theme park offers something for everyone. My favorite is Monkey Falls which is one of the longest log flume rides in the world featuring an 18.5m drop. Learn more about what the park offers visitors here


Bo-Kaap Houses- A 45-minute walk through the streets reveals some of the prettiest colored houses and allows you to engage with the locals and experience some true Cape cuisine. It sounds simple but it is something you need to see to appreciate it’s value. Read more Here


Nature Reserves: Bring out your wild side with a safari adventure or guided tour. South Africa is rich in history and nature. Our landscape offers something for everyone, everything from bird watching right down to deep sea fishing. Check it out here.


Trust me when I say that I haven’t even scratched the surface of just how amazing this place is. When you do visit don’t just stick to what has been mentioned above, sometimes it’s also nice to go on a treasure hunt and discover the local life of Cape Town for yourself. From art shops to galleries, local cuisine, and historic buildings, Cape Town does not disappoint.

So how do you start your journey: There are plenty of airlines offering flights to Cape Town International Airport but if you want the proudly South African experience fly with South African Airways.


You might want to see more of South Africa after these series of posts. If so there are several low-cost airlines available. I recommend using FlySafair as they are the countries most on-time airline and offer friendly and professional service. They also offer car rental and bookings for accommodation.

Places to stay in Cape Town: 


Tripadvisor is a stay and review website which means that the place you choose to stay at during your holiday comes with reviews from previous guests making sure you get your money’s worth. You can also conveniently book online or send an inquiry directly to the Hotel in question. Although Hotel’s sparkle there are also many guest houses in and around Cape Town that offers the same luxury with a bit of countryside.

Everyone will find something here. It is a place that does not only leave you with memories, it also leaves you with a big space in your heart when you leave, wanting more. It is a magical, mystical place where you will be welcomed with open arms.

Till tomorrow,






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