10 Reasons to Read Spilled Coffee

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I find myself wondering today why I wrote this short story compilation, what prompted its existence and the best way for me to explain it is by telling you a story, a true story. Do you know of times when something, maybe a feeling or memory ate away at you just wanting to get out? For me, it started in my dreams and slowly but surely started manifesting itself in reality. Looking at the world around me I became sick and withdrawn about what I saw and as the dreams continued I guess that caring side of me decided I could no longer remain silent about it.

Eager to start I waited for the inspiration to come, I ignored that which was already there because for some reason it didn’t feel right. When the notice came that we had to move from our place to another it threw everything out until we moved into the new place. I refer to it as something supernatural because suddenly waves of words just spilled over and I had to get them on paper and boy, did I?

I am in no way saying this is a best seller or that it will change the world. What I am hoping is that it will give someone else a wake-up call or just a little bit of hope and positivity.

So here are ten reasons why I think you should read Spilled Coffee:

#nomoresilence #labelsareforjars #nosugaradded

  1. Autism- A special look at the gift these children are. Many including myself believe these children do not belong on this earth, that they are meant for so much more and with a little bit of magic, The Trailing Mountains tells this story perfectly. Their intelligence are beyond our own and chances are what you know, they already know. They are a blessing.
  2. Being a single mom- This is one of those situations where people often don’t get to see behind the curtain. Most won’t understand just what it takes to be the best, the best you can be when raising kids on your own, fighting to survive. These moms often forget about themselves in the process because what is important to them takes up every minute of their time. So when #judging others be careful, you don’t know the whole story.
  3. Addiction- I don’t need to write an essay here to get the point accross. This is a struggle for many people and others would frown and say, your choice, your fault. The point is being lost is not the end, finding your way back is the beginning and staying on track is the journey. Help is never far away and if you believe some can’t be helped then I suppose I have lost you already.
  4. Mental Health- Ah hah! Call me crazy but truth is we all have a little crazy inside us but there are those that struggle on a daily basis with issues far worse than your craziness. It is real. It is not fake. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and at first, when it happened I was devastated but soon everything began to make sense. People who knew me back then would often describe it by saying that the person they knew turned into a stranger and when I looked at myself I saw this dark figure staring back at me. Depression is real, but the help is just as real.
  5. Being gay- I respect all views on this subject but it doesn’t mean I am going to agree with you and you don’t have to agree with me. In the end, you choose what you want to believe but to me, Love knows no limits, it has no bounds. Even if you take it away from those that love it will always return stronger than before.
  6. Abuse- Emotional and Physical. This is something that was very real to me as a child and like many, I didn’t say something about it. I remained silent and when I did finally say something no one believed me.
  7. Loss- It’s raw and it hurts to let someone go. Sometimes we have to, especially when we live in a society who tells us who to be.
  8. Poetry- It’s three stories all on their own. Whether it’s telling someone you will always be there, or saying I will miss you it serves is a purpose as a reminder of how fragile life is and making the most of the time we have with those around us.
  9. It’s one drop in a vast ocean- Yes, it is just me against the world here. But if I symbolize just one drop, I am sure there are many other voices who will add to the ocean and speak out.
  10. Racism, Bullying etc- Although it does not directly speak this word the meaning flows throughout. Don’t judge or label someone because they are different and just because your version of normal does not compare to theirs. We all deserve our place under the stars.


There you have it, the ten reasons why I think you should get a copy. Maybe you read this and came to the conclusion that it is not for you, maybe I should have said ten reasons not to read Spilled Coffee?

In the end, you’ve already judged and labeled this book and most probably me because of its content. In the end, if this little book helps or inspires one person, you know what, then my job is done.

The links to get your copy is at the top of this post.

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