Camping, Vanning or Glamping?

Camping has always been one of my favorite things. When I refer to it as one of my favorites, that is exactly what I mean because let’s face it camping is not for sissies. People often confuse what it means to truly go camping. I am not talking about a van or a mobile home because all things considered it is cheating, camping is the hardcore sleep on the ground, bracing the weather in a tent and if you brave enough doing it all without electricity. Ok, let me confess I used to be brave but as time goes on I find myself getting more and more reluctant to go through the experience. I find myself looking at a van and thinking, I want one, it would make life so much easier. No more stiffness, no more flooding or sitting up during a storm holding the tent together from the inside. I agree there are many luxuries to owning a more comfortable way of enjoying the outdoors and then I sit thinking that maybe these people aren’t cheating, maybe they are just smarter than the rest of us.


Forget for a second about a van or mobile home. Someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to come up with the idea of Glamping. What is Glamping you ask? Well, first off it is nothing like camping except if you take into account that you are sleeping under canvas. Apart from that, not much else points to hardcore camping. You have a double bed, a closet to put all your belongings and a separate kitchen and bathroom with a shower. Often these places offer you a private view with a covered outdoor seating area to enjoy your surroundings. This camping alternative usually doesn’t come cheap and I have to confess, I love it!!

So no matter how I look at it I always find myself in a predicament because the choices that we have now when it comes to camping versus the choices we had way back in the day are tricky.

I cant help but ask myself if we are losing something that used to be precious, something that would leave you with a story to tell. If I look at some of our experiences we have been stuck in mud, we were nearly flooded, attacked by flies and insects all day, almost blown away several times by the wind. Yes it’s not always nice to go through the gifts from nature but isnt that a part of the experience?

It is not a tough choice to make is it? I think most would exchange the experience for comfort and honestly there is nothing wrong with that. Resorts need to make money and as time goes on they will find new ways to offer us an alternative to the norm.

In the end I believe you should at the very least experience it once. Yes I love glamping and although I haven’t had the opportunity I am sure I would enjoy a van just as much but in the end nothing, nothing at all beats the real thing.

As time goes on this reluctance I have for the camping experience might grow to the point where I would also prefer the more comfortable options and honestly it has already begun. I just hope the real camping doesnt fade away completely. I would miss the fire at night, the stars above, the conversation. The little things that draw you away from the city and technology, bringing out the cards and board games and conversations which often during our busy lives we do not have.


I really dont know and that is the thing. Dont give us one thing, give us them all and make us choose. Most likely the easiest would be the answer hey.

Happy Days




6 thoughts on “Camping, Vanning or Glamping?

  1. usathroughoureyes says:

    We can so relate to your camping experience. We spent a month on the road in our Toyota Camry camping from Rochester to Montana and back again. The experiences are many and all wonderful. We recently bought a class B motor home which is really just a van with some creature comforts. It allows us to travel in all conditions and experience more challenging places.

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