Welcome to my Blog…


Hi,  and thanks for stopping by.

I have immigrated recently from Blogger to WordPress so if you were part of my followers on that site then no introduction is needed but for those who weren’t and uses WordPress, I would like to connect and say hello.

First off I am a writer, writing is what I do and has always been one of my passions in life. What I write depends on the mood of the day, often I travel between four or five moods a day so what can I promise you?

I can promise that what you read on my blog will almost never be superficial unless I have no idea what to write about then I might bring in the how to tips.

I can promise that some of the stuff you read here will be deep and might sometimes swing towards the dark side and other times (most of) towards the light.

I believe in writing about things that are relative currently. My new book coming out in December 2016 is a combination of just that. It covers labeling especially and other topics that people tend to frown about today. I also write Fantasy and Science Fiction Novellas and a little bit of poetry here and there.

It would be a privilege to connect and as this page is still undergoing some tweaks etc below are ways to stay in touch.

Join me on Facebook for more inspiration and information about my work.

You can also connect with me on Twitter

You can view my Author Profile here.

That is all for now…



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